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Adam King


  • CF-L1
  • CF-Gymnastics
  • CPR/AED Certified


I was introduced to Crossfit by my brother and mother in the Fall of 2015, and my life was never the same. Coming from a world of isolated exercises and sports training, the ideas were all the same: “Lift heavy to develop power.” After completing my first workout ever in Crossfit at Stat Crossfit in Avon, Ohio my life was never the same. Crossfit took everything I knew about what it meant to be an athlete and flipped it on its head. Now I channel that energy and drive into helping people reach their life’s goals through fitness. You’ll constantly see me bouncing around the gym spreading positive energy and encouragement. I get as much satisfaction watching people accomplish their first pull-up or toes to bar as I do watching the Elite athlete PR their Fran time. I am excited to work with every single member on a daily basis to work on those personal goals no matter how big or small they are!

Coach of the Quarter

How long have you been coaching at RCF?

I think I’ve been coaching here for about two years now as of this summer

Why did you decide to become a coach?

I decided to become a coach because of the community. Watching the changes people went through and even experiencing it, I learned pretty early Crossfit wasn’t just a fad, it had some substance. People could commit, and actually move better. Live better. And I wanted to be a person who could help unlock that and help people make it happen.

What is your favorite coaching moment?

My favorite coaching moment…… has to be the black hills Strongman competition last year. We swept that thing. And everyone was so nervous going into it and no one was sure about how it was going to go. So to see everyone come home with a medal and an awesome experience was huge.

Also, The firsts. First anything. Pull-up, muscle up, squat below parallel. Seeing the reactions people have after they do the things they never thought they could is PRICELESS, and really what keeps you going

What goals have you set as a coach in the future?

My goals as a coach is to really become more adaptive. I think it starts with being a better listener, but so many people learn in so many ways. I obviously like to get people hyped up and excited, but learning to slow it down, calm it down and still convey the right message has been a huge part in coaching for me as far as helping athletes find more success

As an athlete what are your goals?

As for me as an athlete, I’m fairly content. My goal this year is to defend my state championship and qualify again for nationals in Strongman. And long term I’d like to qualify for the Arnold once in my lifetime.

Favorite workout song?

Anything but country

I just need something with hype. Something to pipe in more energy and take me over the top. Lately it’s been WWE entrance music to hit those big single lifts

Favorite WOD?

Woof. Favorite wod. I like anything that challenges you to think about the way you move, not just to keep moving.

I did this workout at Stat Crossfit in Avon, Ohio. And I think my brain was more exhausted than I was after. I can’t even remember the reps. But it was rowing, tire flips, sled pulls and pushes, legless rope climbs and heavy d balls over a barrier. Such a blast
Tell us something we don’t know about you:
I sang in an A Capella men’s group in high school and college as the squeaky high tenor. I may or may not still have it in me

Favorite moment or at least the funniest while being at RCF?

I did a workout after class one day of bench pressing, Russian twists and rowing at the Omaha st. Place.

When I got done I fell on the ground face down and just laid there (I may have actually kept up with Ryan Hansen that day so I was EXHAUSTED) when I got up Traie saw the outline of my “Little Adams” on the floor. Thus the nickname “T-Bag” was born