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Audrey Morton


  • CF-L2
  • CF-Gymnastics
  • CPR/AED Certified

It all began when I first heard about CrossFit from my intense Marine brother in 2011 and of course we had to go try it out together. High intensity interval training was something I was no stranger to but Olympic lifting was a new experience that flipped my athletic world upside down and I was instantly hooked. I obtained my level 1 because I was joining the Air Force and wanted the ability to work out on my own and be confident about it. The degree to which I assist in others making themselves better is just a perk. My coaching career began at a newly established not for profit affiliate called Holloman CrossFit in Alamogordo, NM. Upon moving to Rapid City I was welcomed with open arms to coach at Rushmore CrossFit and during deployments, courtesy of the Air Force, I have also coached at Kandahar CrossFit in Afghanistan.