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Austin Briggs


  • CF-L1
  • CPR-AED Certified


I was born and raised in Rapid City. Straight out of high school I joined the United States Marine Corps. After I got out of the Marines I returned to Rapid City and went back to my usual thing – working out at a globo-gym and making my own workout plans. Not long after moving back home I ran into some crossfit gym owners. They asked what I do for exercise and told me I should try CrossFit. I didn’t take him up on their offer but as fate would have it, a couple months later a buddy of mine asked me if I’d like to go try this new type of workout he was really into. I walked into The CrossFit gym and immediately I became addicted. The one thing I missed the most from high school sports and the Marines was the camaraderie, the team work and people pushing each other to do better… Just eight months after doing CrossFit religiously I realized that I aspired to be a coach, so in July of 2013 I went to Colorado and got my Level 1. And the rest is history. I still love doing CrossFit, and I love helping others reach their fitness goals.