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We are registered for the Foundations Challenge by Optimize Me Nutrition and Own Your Eating powered by SugarWOD. Dedicate five weeks to mastering the basics of nutrition: quality AND quantity.


So, What is the Foundations Challenge?

The Foundations Challenge is dedicated to teaching participants about the unavoidable truths in nutrition: 1) the quality of food matters for health, and 2) the quantity of food matters for weight. Once you understand how to apply these principles, you will see how “all diets are the same.” You can forever use these principles to assess any new “diet-du-jour.”


Two Timeless Tools

The Foundations Challenge combines two timeless tools:

  1. Macros – Get specific macronutrient numbers (protein, carbohydrate, and fat grams) to eat each day and implement them for 5 weeks. Learn by doing! Be consistent with a specific quantity of food, learn how to tweak the numbers, and build habits on how to apply precision to quantity in the diet. The exact numbers you follow are actually less important than the learning and experience of establishing consistency in the diet. It’s the practice needed for understanding other quantity focused diets like keto, low-carb, low-fat, etc.
  2. #800gChallenge™ – Be consistent with a measurement of quality in the diet. Instead of simply describing that you eat “healthy,” you can measure it! The user can then optimize it for health, performance, or just sustainability through their food choices.

This Challenge is Unique

Unique to this challenge is that we are using SugarWOD to distribute nutrition content throughout the challenge under the Nutrition track. You’ll get informational blog posts, videos, and tips to stay motivated and engaged throughout the challenge. This also means we’ve got real-time leaderboarding; see where and how you stack up each day!

The challenge materials are put together by EC Synkowski of OptimizeMe Nutrition and Jason Ackerman of Own Your Eating. Both are certified CrossFit Level 4 Coaches who have been in the community since 2006 and have educated thousands of individuals on their nutrition.

Nutrition is Foundational

Yes, you come to our affiliate for the workouts – but nutrition is AS IMPORTANT AS WORKING OUT. Re-read that. We get it! In our modern busy lives, we are ALL subject to falling off the proverbial nutrition wagon. We use challenges to provide that same group atmosphere that’s successful for workouts. It’s about getting back on the wagon, challenging yourself, and/or learning something new about your nutrition.



$65 and include a scale.

That’s just $13/week for personalized macros and daily educational content.



January 7th-February 10th

*Note, you have to sign-up by the Wednesday January 2nd, before to be part of the Jumpstart Period. This is when you learn the ropes for a few days to hit the ground running at the challenge start.


Ok, Ok, I’m In!

Great! Sign-up

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Want to Learn More?

Come to our member meeting December 29th at 11am or December 30th at 5pm to hear all the rules of the challenge.